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Major Field Test Content

The ETS® Major Field Tests were designed to assist higher education institutions and academic programs in assessing student knowledge within the academic major. Each Major Field Test:

  • is a comprehensive outcomes assessment designed to measure the critical knowledge and skills commonly obtained by college students in their major program of study
  • evaluates students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material

Test results provide information on how students perform in relation to other students in their program and at comparable programs nationwide.

Learn how you can customize test content to suit your program.

Request a Test Content Review

Judging the appropriateness of a test for a particular department or program is an important first step to take when considering the use of the Major Field Tests. We highly recommend that faculty members should undertake a content review to determine whether the content and coverage on the tests are consistent with the program’s expectations of students majoring in that field at their institution.

How to Request a Confidential Review Copy

Departments can obtain a review copy of any of the Major Field Tests by completing the Confidential Review Copy Request Form.

Once approved, within five to ten business days, you will receive an email with a link to the test, which can be accessed for 30 days. Like the actual test your students will take, the review copy of the test is a timed experience.

Please request as many review copies as necessary — one for each member of your review committee. If your test expires before you have completed the review, you can contact an ETS Advisor at 1-800-745-0269, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. ET.

Test Content, Sample Questions and Sample Reports

Select a Major Field Test discipline below to view a description of test content, sample questions and sample reports.



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