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The ETS Assessment Literacy Modules

Develop Expertise in Principles of Assessment Design

The image shows an excerpt from one of the modules to illustrate the combination of both text and an audio recording.

When is benchmark assessment appropriate to use? Does formative assessment include more than just quizzes? These questions and more are answered through 10 modules that build teachers' expertise in different types of assessments that comprise a balanced assessment system. This expertise includes the ability to purposefully select the type of assessment that best matches what teachers are trying to understand about student learning at specific times.

The ETS Assessment Literacy Modules provide engagement with the content in multiple formats, such as video, audio and reflection activities.

The image shows an excerpt from the Table of Contents for the first module to illustrate the different kinds of sections within a module: content sections, activities, reflections and supporting resources in appendices.

The modules are immediately available in Canvas® or can be integrated seamlessly into your district's Learning Management System.

The Modules

The following modules can be used by individual teachers or within teacher learning communities. Their content and structure support individual learning and reflection, as well as opportunities for collaborative application to everyday assessment practice.

The image shows an activity from one of the modules to illustrate that there are directions for how to complete the activity by either a group of teachers or an individual teacher.

After the first three modules have been completed, the rest can be used in any order depending on your school's or district's needs and interests.

  • Module 1: Introduction to the ETS Assessment Literacy Modules
  • Module 2: A Balanced Assessment System
  • Module 3: Characteristics of Good Assessment Design and Use
  • Module 4: Formative Assessment
  • Module 5: Formative Pre-assessment Strategies
  • Module 6: Performance Assessment
  • Module 7: Classroom Summative Assessment
  • Module 8: Interim Assessment
  • Module 9: State Summative Assessment
  • Module 10: Putting It All Together

The Research Behind the Assessment Literacy Modules

We are just beginning the process of collecting research evidence about the impact of teachers' use of the Assessment Literacy Modules on student learning. However, existing research on improved assessment practices has demonstrated a positive impact on students, particularly when the assessment is proximal to classroom teaching and learning. In these studies, as teachers developed new ways of thinking about their roles as assessors and supporters of students' thinking, they were better able to support improvements in student understanding. Other research studies that used treatment and control group methodologies have demonstrated that when teachers use assessment evidence to adapt instruction, student learning improves.

Read the ETS Assessment Literacy Modules Theory of Action for more details.

Request a Demo

To learn more or request a demo of the ETS Assessment Literacy Modules, email Laura Hullinger at