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Collaborative Planning

The road ahead for student assessment is a challenging one. Old models of curriculum and instruction are giving way to new models of learning that emphasize critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving. Assessment must reflect these changing values in teaching and learning. To help you lead the way, we can work with you to set the groundwork for change. Our planning capabilities focus on three main areas.

Ideation and Design

  • Provide insights for the design of high-quality assessment systems that serve to improve teaching and learning and meet your accountability goals.
  • Confirm that the central elements for a fair, valid and reliable assessment are represented in your program.
  • Share research-based solutions to help you design a more efficient and more informative assessment system.
  • Help you equitably address the testing needs of special populations including English-language learners.


  • Provide expert testimony so that stakeholders and decision makers have a comprehensive view of the role of assessment in K–12 schools.  
  • Interpret independent research for policymakers, legislators and other elected leaders so that education decisions can be driven by evidence and not political pressure.


  • Work with teachers and administrators to help them use test data effectively.
  • Create collaborative communication plans to help parents, the general public and the media more clearly appreciate the purpose of testing in the learning community.

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