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During Your GRE® General Test

The Test Session

  • The test administrator will assign you a seat.
  • The test administrator will provide you with scratch paper for use during the test only. If you use all of it, you can return it to the test center to receive more. You must return all scratch paper in its entirety to the test center administrator at the end of the testing session.
  • You'll use a standard English-language (QWERTY) computer keyboard for the test. If you haven't used this kind of keyboard before, practice on one before test day to become familiar with it.
  • If at any time during the test you have a problem with your computer, or for any reason need the administrator, raise your hand.
  • There is an optional 10-minute break after the third section and one-minute breaks between the remaining sections of the test. These break times cannot be exceeded. You are required to remain in the test center building or in the immediate area. You are not permitted to go outside the test center building unless it is to use the restroom during the test administration, including breaks.
  • If you need to leave your seat at any time other than the break, raise your hand; timing of the section will not stop.
  • You will have access to an on-screen calculator during the Quantitative Reasoning sections. Personal calculators are not permitted in the testing room.

Score Reporting Options

At the end of your test, you'll be given the option to report or cancel your scores. Learn more about canceling your scores.

If you choose to report, you'll be able to view your unofficial Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores at the test center. Because of the essay scoring process, you will not be able to view your Analytical Writing scores at the end of your test. Note: Test centers can't provide printed copies of unofficial score reports.

After you view your scores, you'll asked to designate your score recipients and choose your ScoreSelect® option (Most Recent or All scores). If you don't choose recipients on test day, you can order them later for a fee.

Learn more about Sending Your Scores.