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Canceling Your GRE® General Test Scores

At the end of the test before you view your unofficial scores, you will be given the option to report or cancel your scores. Consider this carefully!

  • You must cancel all section scores. You can’t cancel your score for one section and report the scores for the remaining sections.
  • Canceled scores will not be reported to any score recipients and will not be available for review online.
  • If you cancel your scores, you won’t receive a refund.
  • You will be able to reinstate your scores for a fee.
  • If you choose to report, your scores will become part of your reportable history, and you won’t have another chance to cancel them.

The ScoreSelect® Option

While you won’t have another chance to cancel your scores, that doesn’t mean you have to report the scores you feel don’t accurately reflect your knowledge.

The ScoreSelect® option allows you to report the scores from the test administration that you feel reflects your personal best, and they’ll be reported to GRE score recipients only at your request. This means that if you don’t do well, you can choose not to designate recipients, retake the test again, and then send the higher scores.

Learn more about the ScoreSelect option.