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Sending Your Scores

On test day, you can designate up to four graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors to receive your scores as part of your test fee. If you wish to send your GRE® General Test scores to additional institutions or you decide to send scores after test day, you may do so by ordering Additional Score Reports for a fee.

The ScoreSelect® Option

With the ScoreSelect® option, you can decide which test scores to send to the institutions you designate, so you can send the scores you feel show your personal best, giving you more confidence on test day.

On test day, after viewing your scores at the test center, you can choose not to send your scores at this time OR you can select either option below for each of your four FREE score reports:

  • Most Recent — Send your scores from your current test administration.
  • All — Send your scores from all GRE General Test administrations in the last five years.

After test day, you can send score reports for a fee and select from these options for each report you'd like to send:

  • Most Recent — Send your scores from your most recent test administration.
  • All — Send your scores from all test administrations in the last five years.
  • Any — Send your scores from one OR as many test administrations as you like from the last five years.

How Long Are Scores Reportable?

Your scores are reportable for five years following your test date. For example, scores for a test taken on September 17, 2022, are reportable through September 16, 2027.

You can order Additional Score Reports at any time during that five-year period. There is a fee of US$27 per score recipient.

Note: It takes approximately five business days to process requests to send GRE scores. If you plan to send scores and the date at which your scores are no longer reportable is approaching, allow enough time for processing or your scores may not be sent.

Learn how to order Additional Score Reports.

If Your Name Has Changed

Name changes can be processed upon submission of the appropriate documentation to ETS. If you are sending scores and your name has changed since you took the test, contact GRE Services for assistance.

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