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Accepted Forms of Payment

Preferred Forms of Payment

  • Credit/Debit Card (American Express®, Diners Club International®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, Rupay™ Global, UnionPay® and Visa®).
    Note: Any credit/debit card branded with one of the seven accepted credit card logos can be processed.
  • PayPal®
  • E-Check Service (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only)
  • Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher
  • If testing in Mainland China:
    • in a test center, refer to the instructions in your NEEA account for payment methods
    • at home, refer to the instructions on
  • If you are testing in Nigeria, only Visa, PayPal and voucher numbers are accepted.
  • ETS reserves the right to add or delete payment options at its own discretion and without notice.

Other Forms of Payment

  • Payments may also be made by personal paper check. Make payable to ETS-GRE (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only). If paying by check, please comply with the following:
    • Bank name and its address should be preprinted on the face of the check.
    • Check must have a preprinted check number.
    • Check must include candidate or payee name and address.
    • Check date CANNOT be over 90 days old.
    • New bank account starter checks missing the preprinted name and address are not acceptable.