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GRE® Test Prep Video Resources

The following resources accompany the GRE® test prep videos. Download helpful information, access additional GRE test prep and more.

Session 1


Test Preparation

Score Use and Acceptance


  • Returning to School Flyer — illustrates why getting an advanced degree is a smart move and provides tips to help test takers get started with the process

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

  • Quantitative Reasoning Overview — includes sample questions and tips for answering, strategies for solving problems and more
  • Math Review — covers the concepts test takers may see when they take the GRE General Test; includes definitions, properties, examples, a set of exercises with answers at the end of each section and links to FREE instructional videos on the Khan Academy® website
  • Math Conventions — covers mathematical assumptions particular to the GRE General Test; includes notation, terminology, and guidelines for interpreting and using information given in test questions