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Multiple-choice Questions — Select One Answer Choice


These questions are multiple-choice questions that ask you to select only one answer choice from a list of five choices.

Tips for Answering

  1. Use the fact that the answer is there. If your answer is not one of the five answer choices given, you should assume that your answer is incorrect and do the following:
    • Reread the question carefully – you may have missed an important detail or misinterpreted some information.
    • Check your computations – you may have made a mistake, such as mis-keying a number on the calculator.
    • Reevaluate your solution method – you may have a flaw in your reasoning.
  2. Examine the answer choices. In some questions you are asked explicitly which of the choices has a certain property. You may have to consider each choice separately or you may be able to see a relationship between the choices that will help you find the answer more quickly. In other questions, it may be helpful to work backward from the choices, say, by substituting the choices in an equation or inequality to see which one works. However, be careful, as that method may take more time than using reasoning.
  3. For questions that require approximations, scan the answer choices to see how close an approximation is needed. In other questions, too, it may be helpful to scan the choices briefly before solving the problem to get a better sense of what the question is asking. If computations are involved in the solution, it may be necessary to carry out all computations exactly and round only your final answer in order to get the required degree of accuracy. In other questions, you may find that estimation is sufficient and will help you avoid spending time on long computations.