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Sign up for the FREE GRE® Search Service

Help Potential Schools Find You

Think you found the perfect school? Think again.

There are thousands of universities and programs that you could choose from, but you can't research them all. A university you never dreamed of might be your perfect match, and you would never even know. Let them find you!

Add your unique profile to the GRE® Search Service database. Graduate schools, business schools, law schools, fellowship sponsors, and other organizations that participate in the GRE Search Service around the world use this database to find prospective students like you. If you match their recruitment profile, you could receive information about admissions, scholarships, fellowships, and other educational opportunities. Best of all, it's FREE — and it's easy to sign up!

You are given the option of being included in the GRE Search Service when you register for a GRE test or you can sign up anytime by following these three simple steps:

  • Sign in to your ETS account
  • Select the link for the Search Service registration
  • Provide the requested information

The personal information shared may include gender, ethnic background, citizenship, native language, educational background and objectives, and undergraduate GPA. Broad GRE score bands (e.g., score ranges) in combination with undergraduate grade point average may be part the of search criteria but it will not be released to any participating school or organization.

If you choose to participate in the Search Service and would like to unsubscribe at any time, you may do so by contacting GRE Services.