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GRE® Physics Test to Provide Additional Information to Graduate Physics Programs

Beginning with tests administered in September 2020, graduate physics programs will receive subscores in three content areas for the GRE® Physics Test, in addition to the total score. The subscores are:

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics

Learn more about the GRE Physics Test Subscores


A Snapshot of the Individuals Who Took the GRE® General Test July 2014–June 2019

Provides characteristics of interest and performance information for test takers who took the GRE® General Test. This report is intended to help GRE score users understand the scores they receive and to encourage appropriate score use.

Learn more about who took the GRE General Test


GRE® Fee Reduction Program Changes

Changes to the program — such as giving $100 value in free test prep to those who receive a 50% fee reduction on test fees — are intended to help further reduce barriers for students with financial need.

Learn more about Fee Reduction Program Changes


Promising Practices on

Check out various approaches to holistic admissions that programs are using to enroll a qualified and diverse student body.

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Recruit and Engage Ideal Students for Your Program with the HigherYield Solution

Explore the HigherYield solution — an innovative fusion of services from ETS and Liaison International that enables you to find your ideal applicants and develop dynamic multichannel communication plans to engage them.

Learn more about the HigherYield solution


National Data: The GRE® General Test Is a Valid Predictor of Law School Success

Review the ETS validity study results, which show the GRE® General Test is valid for use in law school admissions. The test can help law schools increase the pipeline of qualified applicants and reduce barriers for talented students.

Read the report

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The GRE® eUpdate Newsletter

Stay informed about GRE tests and services for score users, advisors and educators.

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The GRE® eUpdate for Business Schools Newsletter

Stay informed about business school initiatives and services for score users, advisors and educators.

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