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ETS Global Higher Education Advisory Councils

ETS Global Higher Education collaborates with a number of advisory councils that provide advice, insight and market intelligence to the Global Higher Education leadership team at ETS.

Graduate Education Advisory Council

The Graduate Education Advisory Council consists of 18 appointed members, including four AAU´s Association of Graduate Schools (AGS) appointees, four Council of Graduate School (CGS) appointees and eight at-large appointees. Additional members are added on a periodic basis for specific expertise. In addition, the CGS president and chair of the GHE Research & Technical Advisory Committee are ex officio members of the council. The term of office is three years, and the council meets three times a year.

The primary role of the Graduate Education Advisory Council is to advise and to provide ETS Global Higher Education leadership with critical insight into the global higher education market. The council is comprised of appointees who are in alignment with the Global Higher Education focus on the entire graduate student lifecycle and the new ways that ETS Global Higher Education is engaging in the higher, graduate and professional education markets.

The Graduate Education Advisory Council is comprised of forward-looking and innovative thought leaders, practitioners and entrepreneurs who will help us to map out the future of ETS Global Higher Education and the GRE® Program. We are committed to ensuring that the council amplifies the tradition of ETS's focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

View the Graduate Education Advisory Council members.

Business School Advisory Council

ETS Global Higher Education also obtains input from two Business School Advisory Councils (BSACs): the Global BSAC and the BSAC of India, which are composed of senior administrators and admissions leaders from business schools around the world. The BSACs provide insight, perspective and information related to domestic and international graduate business school programs. Each BSAC member serves one three-year term.

Global BSAC

The Global BSAC consists of admissions leaders from business schools in Asia, Europe and North America, who provide guidance and insights to ETS, and serve as the voice of Graduate Management Education programs across the globe.

BSAC of India

The BSAC of India consists of senior leaders from Graduate Management Education programs in India who help steer the direction of ETS’s strategic activities concerning graduate business schools in India.

View the members of the Business School Advisory Councils.

Legal Education Advisory Council

Stakeholders in legal education advise ETS Global Higher Education through the Legal Education Advisory Council. The council helps ETS Global Higher Education deliver on its vision of expanding and creating new pathways to legal education that prioritize fairness and equity, and better serve the needs of law schools, law school aspirants, students, graduates and legal employers.

Each council member serves a three-year term. View the Legal Education Advisory Council members.