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About the GRE® Tests

The GRE® tests were created more than 70 years ago to have an objective lens through which all graduate applicants could be compared, regardless of their background. The GRE Program’s dedication to fairness exemplifies nonprofit ETS’s mission to help advance quality and equity in education for all people.

Today, GRE scores are used by thousands of graduate and professional schools around the world, including business and law, to help successfully identify applicants who are academically prepared for graduate-level work and to help enroll a diverse student body.

GRE General Test icon

GRE® General Test

Read about the test and why it plays a vital role in the admissions process.

GRE Subject Tests icon

GRE® Subject Tests

Read about the tests and how they can help you evaluate applicants’ readiness in particular disciplines.

Fairness and Validity icon

Fairness and Validity

Find out how ETS and the GRE Program make fairness and validity a priority.

Test Security icon

Test Security

Learn about measures ETS takes to ensure that the GRE tests are secure.

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What's New?

Get the latest GRE program news and information, and sign up for our mailing list.

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GRE Advisory Councils

Learn about how ETS Global Higher Education collaborates with advisory councils that provide advice, insight and market intelligence.

Have Questions?

How does ETS support graduate and professional schools?

Institutions that receive GRE scores have free access to the ETS® Data Manager, a convenient online portal for score reporting and more. The GRE® Search Service, our cost-effective recruiting service, enhances your student outreach efforts. ETS also provides advice on designing validation studies at no charge.

Who can I contact to get the additional information I need before deciding to become a GRE score user?

You can contact the GRE Program by email at or by phone at 1-609-683-2002.

What accommodations does ETS provide for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs?

ETS leads the industry in testing accommodations. For the GRE General Test, these accommodations include extended time/breaks, screen magnification, selectable colors, JAWS® screen reader and refreshable braille. The test is also offered in a variety of forms, including braille and large print. Learn more.

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