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ETS and the GRE® Program

As your partners in supporting program and student potential, nonprofit ETS and the GRE® Program team are committed to providing information and guidance to help you achieve your goals, including enhancing diversity and inclusion. GRE tests and services help you advise prospective students, create smart recruitment strategies, and evaluate and compare applicants.

About Ready to Accept Scores?


Making the best admissions decisions takes thoughtful planning along with access to reliable data and tools. Find information, tools and resources to help you plan and implement a successful admissions cycle.


Evaluate your process and alignment of practices with your institution's vision and program goals. Consider how GRE scores bring value to that process.

Understand the guidelines for using scores, as a door opener, to help ensure fairness in your admissions process and increase program diversity.

Access materials to help you interpret scores, view your applicant scores and essays in the ETS® Data Manager, and compare GRE scores to other admissions tests.

For Business School

Diversify your applicant pool — reach students around the world with a wide range of experiences and skills.

Business Schools

For Law School

Attract candidates with broader backgrounds and the proven skills to succeed in your program.

Law Schools


Find out how the GRE® Search Service and other recruitment tools can help bolster your prospect communication campaigns.

Student Recruitment


Explore shareable tools in the advisor kit, learn about test prep resources and discover more ways to help prospective GRE test takers.

Advising Students

The GRE tests were created to have an objective lens through which all applicants can be compared, regardless of their background.

ETS Global Higher Education collaborates with the Graduate Education, Business School and Legal Education advisory councils.

Nonprofit ETS is committed to creating fair and valid assessments backed by extensive research. Explore some of the research behind the GRE tests.