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Starting Your Own Business?

A survey by Bentley University found that 66% of millennials have a desire to start their own business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur too, consider the value that getting an MBA could provide. It can help you understand basics, such as accounting, marketing and operations, so you can better your chances of turning your brilliant idea into a successful enterprise.

Learn the Ins and Outs

An MBA can help you foresee issues that might arise, and possibly avoid costly mistakes in the process. Germain Boer, Director of the Owen Entrepreneurship Center at Vanderbilt University, believes that getting an MBA can help a student learn how to think like a businessperson, and develop the business acumen needed that might otherwise take years to learn on the job.

Raise Your Earnings Potential

There is much evidence that having an MBA can contribute to higher earnings in the corporate sector.

A report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers reveals an average jump of $27,980 in starting salary between those with a Bachelor’s in business and those with an MBA. However, when you’re an entrepreneur, how much you personally make is tied into the success of your business.

Charts displaying starting salary with bachelor's: $54,392; starting salary with Master's: $82,372; and the difference of $27,980.

The GRE® General Test for Business School

When you take the GRE® General Test, it’s good to know your scores are accepted at more than 1,300 business schools worldwide, including many top-ranked MBA programs.

The test also allows you to apply more of your personal test-taking strategies to try and do your best. Within each section you can skip questions and return to them later, go back and change answers, and more. It is also the only admissions test that lets you send only your best scores to schools, so you can take the test more than once to try and better your scores.