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Why Get an MBA?

Get the Credentials to Take Your Career Further

Is an MBA worth it? If you are eyeing a promotion, thinking of switching careers, or hoping to start your own business, going back to school for an MBA will provide the advanced leadership skills, comprehensive business knowledge and networking opportunities to put you on the path to achieving your goals. And you will gain broad business knowledge and leadership training that will have a valuable impact on your career.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of an MBA can include:

  • a breadth of general business knowledge
  • salary increases
  • more job opportunities
  • accelerated advancement and greater job security
  • a stronger professional network

Tips for Choosing an MBA Program

To find the best fit for you, consider these criteria and do your research on each.

MBA Rankings

Going to a top MBA program can add a certain amount of prestige to your degree. It can be helpful to see how a school ranks in your desired concentration as well. Check out these main sources:


Business schools vary in how they structure their programs. To get a sense of what will work best for you, you may want to visit the campus, sit in on a class and speak with students and alumni.


In addition to rankings, you should assess the quality of a school’s teaching and the success of its alumni. This includes job placements, starting salaries and the strength of the alumni network.


Will you relocate? Where would you like to live, develop your network and perhaps even work after graduation? If you’re one of the many international students hoping to pursue your degree abroad, this advice can also help.

Student Body

Would you prefer a big or small size school? Are you looking to be among a large community of international students? Will on-campus student organizations be important to you? These aspects can impact your choice.