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Why the Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service?

Gives Administrators Data for Important Decisions

The Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service helps administrators make important data-driven decisions. With in-depth reports that work with their system, they can easily monitor district, school and classroom writing performance. Administrators can use the Criterion service to benchmark writing, track progress, make placement decisions and help guide instruction. They can use the Criterion service to help measure student learning and determine necessary program improvements. With the Criterion service, administrators can feel confident in knowing that their students can be assessed against Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Helps Instructors Focus on Higher Level Writing Skills

The Criterion service helps improve classroom efficiency so instructors can focus on higher level writing skills. The Criterion service supports instruction by providing instructors with online, real-time access to instructor-specific writing assignments. With a variety of topics to select from, the Criterion service is a learning tool that helps instructors avoid spending hours grading papers so they can concentrate on the content and style of their students' work. With customizable reports, instructors can review student progress and highlight areas of improvement.

Provides Students with Practice and Instant Feedback

The Criterion service provides students with unlimited opportunities to practice and improve their writing, which can help them achieve higher test scores. The Criterion service offers instant diagnostic feedback and real-time scores on essay submissions to help students improve skills and build confidence. Students can rewrite their essays using feedback they receive online from the Criterion service, their instructors and their peers.

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