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We use compensation to attract key talent and reward the values, behaviors and contributions that drive business results. ETS employees contribute to the success of the company through their hard work, ideas, enthusiasm and results. Employees earn total cash compensation (base salary and variable pay) that compares favorably to competitive market rates and allows for rewards for high individual performance and results.

Base Salaries

ETS conducts a formal job evaluation process to determine the appropriate value of each position in the labor market or in relation to other positions within ETS. Salary growth opportunities are based on competitive market practices, economic conditions and individual contributions to the company. Base salaries are reviewed annually during the performance review process.

Variable Compensation

These programs give high-performing employees the opportunity to earn more in total compensation.

There are currently three variable compensation components that recognize and reward both individual and company performance:

  • The Performance Sharing Plan (PSP) enables employees to share equally in the company's overall success in achieving its Success Factors. Awards can range from 0–6 percent of annual base pay, depending on company performance.
  • The company also offers Presidential Awards and Spot Awards programs. See Performance & Recognition for more information.

Premium Pay

Non-exempt employees may receive premium pay for working different shifts or working outside of their regular hours:

  • Employees who work different shifts may receive a premium through Shift Differential Pay.
  • Employees available to work outside regular hours of employment may receive On-Call Pay.
  • Employees called in to perform work outside regular hours of employment may receive Call-In Pay.

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