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About the Center for Advocacy & Philanthropy

The mission of the Center for Advocacy & Philanthropy (CAAP) is to:

  • act as an educational advocate by helping to raise awareness on those issues in education that impact disadvantaged groups
  • advance education goals in local communities through identifying, supporting and helping to replicate programs that achieve results
  • provide philanthropic support to organizations whose goals and missions align with ETS
  • maintain ETS's commitment to local communities, volunteerism and employee giving


ETS's CAAP helps raise awareness of the most pressing issues in education facing disadvantaged and underserved groups. The strongest emphasis is placed on those groups with the fewest resources and opportunities. CAAP also forms strategic relationships, collaborations and alliances with other like-minded organizations and programs that bring to the forefront issues in education equity and access. Read more about CAAP's advocacy.


Through grants and in-kind contributions, ETS's CAAP supports and invests in projects that help improve teaching and learning, expand opportunities for individual learners, and inform educational policy and assessment. ETS, via CAAP, awards scholarships as a way of creating college access for disadvantaged students and recognizing academic achievement, and provides in-kind donations of space and surplus items. Read more about CAAP's philanthropy.

Employee Engagement

CAAP encourages ETS staff to actively engage in the communities in which they live and work. Employees can do this by contributing time and money to the causes they care about through the volunteer program and the annual employee giving campaign. During the annual campaign, staff can also give to the ETS Employees' Community Action Fund to support a community-based project determined by staff using the funds staff have donated. Read more about employee engagement.

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