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Why Choose ETS® Accelerate?

ETS® Accelerate capitalizes on ETS's extensive capabilities in assessment (cognitive and noncognitive), Research & Development, and innovative AI technology — including natural language processing (NLP) and automated EdTech services — to provide a diverse catalogue of offerings to organizations around the world.

Our mission is to connect education technology and artificial intelligence with research-based knowledge. As part of ETS Accelerate, your organization can partner with ETS to license our intellectual property, resulting in new products that drive growth.

ETS Accelerate IP Catalogue

The ETS Accelerate IP catalogue offers a range of capabilities to enhance the educational and workforce products and services you provide to your customers.

  • Incorporate official content from our global brands, such as the TOEFL® and GRE® tests, into test preparation programs, targeted learning, English language learning programs and more.
  • Use our "off-the-shelf", ready-to-use web-based and printed products — no development involved — for English-language skill building, test preparation and automated scoring.
  • Benefit from the versatile range of capabilities for developers of educational resources/materials that has resulted from the decades of research we've done in natural language processing.

In many cases, you can add ETS solutions to your portfolio through the implementation of an API. And each offering in the catalogue carries the quality and brand recognition that ETS is known for.

Contact us to begin your partnership with ETS for EdTech solutions, content licensing and more.

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About ETS

For over 70 years, ETS has been an innovator and leader in educational testing, consistently striving to broaden our educational impact to learners everywhere. Organizations around the world know and trust that our products, services and capabilities are fair, valid, reliable and backed by ETS world-class research. It's these capabilities that make us an experienced partner in the educational assessment and learning space.