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Frequently Asked Questions for Test Takers

When and where can I take the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit?

You can take the assessment anytime of the day within the test expiration window provided in your registration confirmation email. You may also take the assessment from a location of your choice, whether it is your home, office, library or another area with Internet connection.

Where can I find the link to the test along with my Registration ID and Access Code?

You will receive a registration confirmation email from your local ETS Preferred Network (EPN) office. The registration confirmation email will have a link to the test, along with your test expiration, registration ID and access code.

Do I need to install any special software plug-ins for this test?

No. The test is delivered on ETS’s robust web-based delivery system where you are not required to download or install any additional software, plug-ins or hardware. This platform supports all the major browsers and operating systems, including PCs, Mac® and iPad® devices.

What is a Test Expiration Date?

You are authorized to take the assessment anytime of day, but must complete the assessment by 11 p.m. ET on the expiration date listed in your registration email. If you do not complete the assessment by this date, your access code will expire and you will need to contact your local ETS Preferred Network office immediately.

Whom should I contact if I come across any technical issues?

Please contact your local ETS Preferred Network office for any technical issues.

How long is the test?

You will have one hour to complete the test. The timer will not begin until you see the first test question on your screen.

How many questions are there in the test?

You will be asked to answer 104 test statements during the ETS WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit.

What is the format of the test?

You will be asked to respond to pairs of statements. All the statements refer to how you might typically think, feel and act. Each pair will be presented one at a time. Read each of the two statements carefully and decide the extent to which it may describe you. Then, choose the statement that is more like your behavior.

Will the test be available in my language?

Yes. Your local ETS Preferred Network office will register you for your preferred language of the test.

Will I get a score report?

Your HR recruiter will provide feedback regarding your scores in line with their hiring procedures.

If I have a disability, can I still take the test?

Yes. The assessment delivery adheres to several guideline standards such as:

  • Text to Speech Support through Accessibility Tools such as Jaws, Mac® Voice Over and ChromeVox
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Color Contrast (in support of test takers with color blindness or other visual impairments)

In addition, upon approval of the Assessment Administrator, extended time can be offered.

For questions regarding any of the above accommodations for test takers with disabilities, please see your Assessment Administrator or email

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