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Scores and Reports

WorkFORCE® Assessment for Cognitive Ability scores are provided in easy-to-read score reports. The score reports characterize strengths and weaknesses on three cognitive ability scales (prose, document and quantitative).

Individual Profile Report

This report gives you information about a candidate's skills in three different areas of ability: Reading Prose, Reading Documents and Quantitative. It also lets you know whether the candidate has the general comprehension, reasoning and quantitative skills necessary to perform successfully in the particular role.

Specifically, the report will explain:

  • the meaning of the three different areas of assessed cognitive ability
  • the candidate's score level in each area of ability
  • the kinds of tasks the candidate can probably do at their level and areas in which they might work to increase their skills

Roster Report

The Roster Report allows you, at a glance, to compare multiple candidates on the same criteria.

You'll receive high-level results for test takers across each of the three different areas of ability. With this comparative information, you can more effectively screen candidates for interviewing, cutting costs and recruiting time.

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