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About the WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development

Effective development requires a first-rate assessment to pinpoint training needs. ETS's new WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development is an assessment and training program specially designed to help support employee and job seeker success by efficiently and accurately identifying the behaviors they most need to develop for their roles.

Identify key behavioral skills employees need to succeed

The 20–25 minute web-based assessment measures six behavioral competencies* and 13 underlying behavioral attributes known to be predictive of workplace performance.

Behavioral competencies measured by the WorkFORCE Program for Career Development

*Caring & Compassion Competency for Healthcare Organizations

To ensure these behavioral competencies fit your needs, a Caring & Compassion competency is used in lieu of Customer Service Orientation for healthcare organizations.

The assessment measures and details the extent to which individuals:

  • are dedicated and will go the extra mile
  • take their job seriously
  • have a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • are problem solvers
  • treat customers and peers with respect and consideration
  • can collaborate well with others

Used in conjunction with its companion training curriculum, WorkFORCE Program for Career Development can help you efficiently design training programs customized to the development needs of your employees and job seekers.

Develop critical skills for workplace success

WorkFORCE Program for Career Development includes a research-based dynamic training curriculum that provides instruction, practice and feedback in these six behavioral competencies through multimedia, interactive scenarios, reflection, goal-setting and real-world application. The training program provides learners with additional insight and awareness of these competencies through eight online interactive modules. Each module takes about 25–30 minutes to complete and features a wide variety of activities and videos. Our program is designed to focus on the critical interpersonal, self-management and other necessary professional skills related to workplace performance in any industry, regardless of job type or job level.

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