TOEFL® Young Students Series

Now more than ever, countries are introducing English as a second language at earlier stages of learning. The TOEFL® Young Students Series helps you measure your students' English-language skills and guide students to the next steps of learning. The tests are designed for age appropriate learning levels of young students — discover which test is right for your program.

TOEFL® Primary™ Tests >

The newest addition to the TOEFL Family of Assessments, the TOEFL® Primary™ tests set the right foundation for successful development of English-language skills. They are intended for students ages 8+ and are offered as three different tests: the Reading and Listening Test — Step 1, the Reading and Listening Test — Step 2, and the Speaking test.

TOEFL Junior® Tests >

Intended for students ages 11+, the TOEFL Junior® tests are an objective and reliable measure of your students' English communication skills. They are available in two testing modes: the paper-delivered TOEFL Junior Standard Test and the computer-delivered TOEFL Junior Comprehensive Test.

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