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SuccessNavigator® results are reported as three score categories — Low, Moderate and High. These categories represent numerical score ranges that are determined by a student's relative position in the test-taker population.

Score ranges in a specifically assessed general skill or subskill are as follows:

  • Low category — bottom 25 percent
  • Moderate category — middle 50 percent
  • High category — top 25 percent

High scores indicate more likely probabilities for postsecondary success, while Low scores suggest less likely probabilities for college success across the general skills and subskills.

ETS has included a number of proven and innovative item types that reduce the likelihood of "faking" answers. There are no "right" answers on the test and many items are reverse-scored, meaning that items have been designed to "flag" inconsistencies. For example, one item may read, "Finishing my homework on time is a priority"; meanwhile, the reverse-scored item would read, "Finishing my homework on time is not a priority."

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