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SuccessNavigator® Reports

SuccessNavigator® reports are immediately generated upon completion of the 30-minute, nonproctored online assessment — so advisors, students and institutions have a detailed action plan to improve success rates right away and can analyze the data to gauge improvements on cohorts and subpopulations. Reports include general skill and subskill scores as well as recommended next steps customized to each student's needs.

Report Types

There are three different types of reports.

  • Student Score Report — provides immediate feedback to the student based upon each general skill and subskill. Suggests a number of actions and resources to students based upon these results to support academic success and persistence. See a sample Student Score Report.
  • Advisor Report — provides the identical student information from the Student Profile, plus Success Indices for Academic and Retention Success and Course Acceleration recommendations. Information about the student — background, educational background and future educational plans — is also included. Can be used by advisors, counselors and faculty. See a sample Advisor Report.
  • Institution Report — provides aggregate general skills, subskills, Academic and Success indices, and Course Acceleration recommendation data. See a sample Institution Report.

Aggregate reports can be created by advisor, date or cohort to aid in institutional planning and resource allocation.

Take a Tour

Watch a four-minute tour of the SuccessNavigator assessment to learn more about how you can use the reports to improve success rates and guide students to graduation.

View the SuccessNavigator demo tour >

Read the SuccessNavigator demo transcript >

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