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Score Reports

Get Scores Online

Your official score report will be available to you online via your SLS account on the score dates shown below. Scores reported on or after July 21, 2017 will be available online for 10 years from the score reporting date. We recommend saving a copy of your score report for future reference. Even if you registered by mail or by phone, you must create an SLS account online to view your scores. Test takers do not receive a paper score report in the mail.

After 10 years, your score report will no longer be available.

Your scores will also be sent to up to four institutions/agencies that you select during the registration process.

Score Release Dates for SLS Tests

TestScores Available
School Leaders Licensure Assessment (6011) 15–16 business days after testing window closes
School Superintendent Assessment (6021) 15–16 business days after testing window closes
Kentucky Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative Practices (6015) 10–11 business days after the test date

Note: Occasionally, some scores may be unavailable on the dates specified due to processing delays or data updates.

Score Release Dates

Score reports are typically available in the evening ET on the score-reporting dates below.

School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) (6021)

2017 Testing WindowsScore Reporting Dates
9/11/17–9/23/17 10/13/2017
12/4/17–12/16/17 1/5/2018
2018 Testing WindowsScore Reporting Dates
3/5/18–3/17/18 4/6/2018
6/4/18–6/16/18 7/6/2018

School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) (6011)

2017 Testing WindowsScore Reporting Dates
8/14/17–8/26/17 9/15/2017
9/11/17–9/23/17 10/13/2017
10/9/17–10/21/17 11/10/2017
11/6/17–11/18/17 12/8/2017
12/4/17–12/16/17 1/5/2018
2018 Testing WindowsScore Reporting Dates
1/8/18–1/20/18 2/9/2018
2/5/18–2/17/18 3/9/2018
3/5/18–3/17/18 4/6/2018
4/2/18–4/14/18 5/4/2018
4/30/18–5/12/18 6/1/2018
6/4/18–6/16/18 7/6/2018
7/2/18–7/14/18 8/3/2018
7/30/18–8/11/18 8/31/2018

Canceling Your Scores

Note: Fees are not refunded when you cancel your scores or choose to stop taking a test. Once scores are canceled, they cannot be reported or reinstated on your record.

To cancel your score, simply stop taking the test (quit) before you complete it — you will not receive a score. You may also cancel the score at the end of the test session, but before viewing your unofficial score on the screen. (Note: Not all SLS tests offer the opportunity to view unofficial scores at the end of a testing session.)

When ETS Cancels Your Scores

As much as possible, ETS scores tests to accurately reflect the performance of every test taker. Accordingly, ETS's standards and procedures for administering tests have two primary goals:

  • giving test takers equivalent opportunities to demonstrate their abilities
  • preventing test takers from gaining an unfair advantage over others

To promote these objectives, ETS reserves the right to cancel any test score when, in ETS's judgment:

  • a testing irregularity occurs
  • there is an apparent discrepancy in a test taker's identification
  • the test taker engages in misconduct
  • the score is invalid for another reason

Reviews of test scores by ETS are confidential. For any reason, when ETS cancels a test score that has already been reported, it notifies score recipients that the score has been canceled. It does not disclose the reason for the cancellation unless authorized to do so by the test taker.

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