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On-screen: [Improving Student Success Rates. A Closer Look. ETS® SuccessNavigator]

ETS created the SuccessNavigator assessment to help colleges identify at-risk students and improve retention and graduation rates. This 30-minute, non-proctored online diagnostic tool provides a holistic view of your incoming students’ strengths and vulnerabilities to help you set their course for success.

The SuccessNavigator assessment is easy to administer. Students can access it online by PC, MAC or iPad devices. They complete about 100 items that measure the four critical skills that most greatly influence student success – academic skills, commitment, self-management and social support

On-screen: [Sample test screen]

Academic Skills are behaviors and strategies that directly facilitate academic achievement such as organization and ability to meet class expectations.

Commitment relates to students’ determination to achieve their academic goals, and how attached they are to the institution.

Self-management assesses the students’ ability to anticipate and respond to the pressures of college life.

And Social Support focuses on the students’ sense of belonging, ability to seek help, sources of personal support, and possible barriers to success such as family and financial responsibilities.
As soon as they complete the assessment, the SuccessNavigator tool instantly generates score reports for both students and their advisors. Institution reports and aggregated data are also available in the online system.

On-screen: [Sample reports: Student Score Report, Advisor Report, Institution Report]

The SuccessNavigator Advisor Report provides advisors with a detailed action plan for each student with easy-to-understand feedback.
Success Indices estimate students’ probability of returning for a second term.

On-screen: [Sample report with Retention Success Index highlighted showing that the student's score is Moderate]

Course Acceleration Recommendations guide placement decisions in English and Math.
Individual scores for each of the General Skills and subskills help advisors give tailored support.
And Customized feedback and action plans highlight specific steps that students can take to help them achieve their academic goals. The resource library provides additional suggestions and information for advising your students.

The Student Score Report provides immediate feedback and scores to the student based on each general skill and subskill. It empowers your students with action plans, tips and guidance customized to their individual needs and your institution’s resources. Also included are links to the SuccessNavigator resource library where students can gain access to additional tools to help them in the areas where they need them most.

The Institution Report provides aggregate data on general skills and subskills, academic and retention indices, and course acceleration recommendations. This comprehensive understanding can help guide your institution’s strategic planning and resource allocation. The SuccessNavigator assessment’s unique and in-depth reports and actionable plans help you: Identify and directly reach students with challenges that go unreported in standardized academic tests; provide individualized interventions and accelerate placement into credit-bearing courses; Allocate your resources more strategically; and target services to address the specific needs of your students.

The SuccessNavigator assessment provides the information you need to help you improve first-year retention and student success rates.

To learn more, please contact your ETS account manager, or visit us at

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