Cara Laitusis on the Importance of Accessible Assessments

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On-screen: [Cara Laitusis on the Importance of Accessible Assessments. Helping ensure tests are fair and valid for all test takers.]

On-screen: [Cara Cahalan Laitusis, Senior Research Director, ETS®.]

Speaker: Cara Cahalan Laitusis, Senior Research Director, ETS® - When we speak about accessible assessments, we are essentially talking about ensuring tests are fair and valid for all test takers, including those with disabilities or differing language abilities, so that they are able to demonstrate what they know and can do. Accurate measurement is important not only for students and their parents, but test scores inform decisions made by teachers and school districts. If test scores do not accurately measure large groups of students, such as students with disabilities or English language learners, then we not only waste valuable instructional time but also run the risk of having educators make the wrong instructional decision or direct resources away from schools and teachers that need help.

Significant progress has been made in the field of universal design of assessments and test accessibility, with the advent of broad scale computer-delivered assessments that feature accommodations and accessibility tools. While this progress is encouraging, further accommodations are needed to keep pace with the ways in which education is changing.

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For example, one new technology that is generating a lot of buzz is the Graphiti developed for APH. This is really a breakthrough technology that allows for dynamic display of tactile drawings for students who are blind.

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Other examples are the use of cloud-based assistive technologies that are not device specific and can offer greater flexibility. At ETS® we are really looking at how to integrate these assistive technologies into our products so that students can show what they know and can do.

This is at the core of our mission and is important and exciting work as we seek to tap the full potential of all students so they can successfully bridge to college and career readiness.

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