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Beyond Protests: How Higher Ed Institutions Are Bringing Civic Education and Assessment to Life

While institutions like Drexel, UCLA, Washington State and IUPUI strive to produce civic-minded citizens, researchers at ETS have developed tools to help universities measure students' level of civic competence and engagement. Learn more.

New Book Explores the 70-year History of Research at ETS

Advancing Human Assessment features comprehensive reviews of ETS's research in technical, substantive and policy areas and explores our organization’s focus on, and achievements in, advancing educational measurement. The book, edited by Randy E. Bennett and Matthias von Davier, is available for free download or purchase.

Why assessing the 'whole child' is essential

Michael Nettles calls for an increased emphasis on measuring students' social and emotional learning, which research shows directly affect success in school and in life. In keeping with our mission, ETS has intensified its research in understanding and measuring these skills to provide schools and communities with ways to monitor progress and more accurately identify appropriate interventions.

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Are our kids and young adults prepared to succeed in a globalized world?

In a recent Op-Ed, the authors of America's Skill Challenge: Millennials and the Future caution that focusing only on years of schooling — and not whether critical skills have been obtained — puts America's children and young adults at risk.

Can a virtual classroom simulator help pre-service teachers prepare?

Three former K–12 teachers discuss their work on a study funded by the National Science Foundation to examine how technology can be used to give pre-service teachers more opportunities to practice teaching science and math.

Behind the Scenes: Exploring Game-Based Assessments

ETS is collaborating with other organizations that research game-based assessments, such as the Game Lab at American University, to investigate whether game-based assessments can improve teaching and learning by providing teachers and students with immediate feedback on which skills students have mastered and which they still need to learn.

Research that matters

Through our research, ETS works to improve teaching and learning, ensure opportunity for individual learners, and inform education policy and assessment.

Improving teaching and learning

ETS is working on innovations today that can enhance teaching and learning in classrooms tomorrow.

Expanding opportunity for individual learners

ETS strives to ensure its assessments and tools are valid, fair and accessible to every learner.

Informing education policy and assessment

Our research and policy studies strive to address many of today’s pressing issues in educational assessment.