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Texts, emails, blogs: Assessing reading comprehension in the real world

Can innovative reading tests with scenarios challenge students and help them demonstrate their knowledge? Learn more.

Choosing Our Future: A Story of Opportunity in America

If access to meaningful opportunity is increasingly limited to the few, affluent and well-connected, our nation’s future is at risk. A new report examines inequality of opportunity and proposes a framework for action.

Fixing Opt-Out Is a Shared Obligation

Although the full extent to which students refused to participate in 2015–16 state assessments is still unknown, it is very likely that educators at the school, district and state levels will face the problem again in spring 2017. What’s behind the opt-out movement, and how can policymakers, educators, test makers and parents work together to reverse the opt-out trend?

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Study: To close the achievement gap, close the resource gap

States with higher teacher-to-pupil ratios, more competitive teacher wages and fairer distribution of staffing have higher outcomes among students from low-income families. Learn more.

Creating next-generation language assessments for U.S. K–12 English learners

Thinking about developing or implementing English-language proficiency assessments? Thirteen researchers present critical issues and recommendations for consideration.

Explore 47 publications that advance the field of educational research

Education policy, cognitive science, technology and workplace readiness are just a few of the topics addressed in recent ETS-authored publications.

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