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Permission Forms

Task responses include the submission of instructional and assessment artifacts, samples of student work, and, for Task 4, a 15-minute video recording of the test taker teaching a lesson. To protect the privacy of others, permission is needed to include these items in task responses.

Test takers are required to obtain and submit permission forms from parents/guardians for:

  • the use of any student work samples that they submit
  • the appearance of students in photographs that they submit
  • the appearance/voice of students in the video that they submit

They must obtain and submit permission forms from adults including, but not limited to, classroom teachers, teaching assistants, parents, colleagues and volunteers for:

  • the use of any work (written observations, letters) that they submit
  • the appearance in photographs that they submit
  • the appearance/voice in the video that they submit

Prior to completing the assessment, test takers must scan and upload the signed permission forms to ETS via the online submission system. Test takers will not be able to submit the last task if permission forms have not been uploaded to the permission forms upload area. During resubmission, test takers will be required to upload permission forms again before submitting any tasks.

Student and Adult Work Submitted as Artifacts

Test takers should make efforts to protect the identity of students and adults when submitting their materials as artifacts. It is extremely important that test takers do not identify themselves, their students, their colleagues, their school and their city/town in which the school is located in task responses and artifacts. Encourage them to:

  • refer to students as "Student 1," "Student 2" and so on
  • refer to places as "my school" or "my district"
  • remove identifiers from work samples by crossing them out with a marker or by covering them with correction tape or fluid before scanning. Do not remove identifying information from the permission forms.

Videos Submitted as Artifacts

We recommend that test takers practice the videotaping a couple times to get themselves and their students comfortable with being recorded. It's possible that they may make a video suitable for submission even if they are only intending to practice. With this in mind, we recommend that test takers make every effort to secure permission for all other students in the class in the event that they need these releases.

Working with School Districts

Educator preparation programs should obtain approval from the superintendent in the school districts where the test takers will be student teaching and from the school principals for the video recording component of the assessment and for the use of the PPAT® permission forms.

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Become a Rater

If you are interested in becoming a rater for online scoring of the PPAT, please check the ETS Online Scoring opportunities information.