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For evolving education needs, ETS has measurement products and solutions for K–12 classrooms through job force development.

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ETS Educator Series

Be confident educators have the skills they need. 


Measure the basic academic skills, subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills of prospective teachers.


Reinforce ethical standards and guides ethical decision making of prospective educators.


Measure the reading, writing and basic math competencies of practicing and prospective paraprofessionals.

School Leadership Series

Assess the professional judgment and experience of prospective principals, superintendents and school leaders.

ETS Performance Assessments

Get a more complete view of an educator’s teaching or instructional leadership skills.


Assess beginning teacher’s critical teaching knowledge and skills based on high leverage practices of teaching.

ETS Performance Portfolio

Get insights on students' skills and learning. 


Tailor your student learning outcomes assessments by choosing those skills that match your institution's goals.

ETS Major Field Tests

Evaluate your students' mastery of their major field of study and demonstrate the effectiveness of your program.

ETS Proficiency Profile

Assess student learning in core skill areas like reading, writing, math and critical thinking.


Improve your student retention and completion rates.


Capture students' perceptions of their higher education learning experience.

ETS SkillBuilders

Build English-language proficiency. 


Receive instant score reporting and diagnostic feedback to help students improve their English-writing skills.

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ETS Tech Connect

Access information more effectively with these technology solutions. 

GRE Search Service

Reach prospective graduate and business school students worldwide who have demonstrated readiness through their GRE® test performance.

TOEFL Search Service

Using more than 30 search criteria, pinpoint the international students you want to enroll in your program.