How the Tests Are Scored

The Scoring Process

In calculating reported scores for the GRE® Subject Tests, the number of questions answered correctly is adjusted according to the difficulty level of the questions on the test form. Thus, the same number of correct responses on different test forms will not necessarily result in the same reported score.

The differences in difficulty among Subject Test forms are relatively small and are adjusted through a process known as score equating. The number of questions answered is also figured into the calculation of the reported score because it limits the number that can be answered correctly.

Scoring of the Subject Tests is a two-step process:

  • First, a raw score is computed. The raw score is the number of questions you answered correctly minus one-fourth the number of questions you answered incorrectly.
  • The raw score is then converted to a scaled score through a process known as equating that accounts for differences in difficulty among the different test editions. Thus, a given scaled score reflects approximately the same level of ability regardless of the edition of the test that was taken.

Subject Test Score Scales

A total score is reported on a 200–990 score scale, in 10-point increments, although the score range for any particular Subject Test is usually smaller.

Subscores are reported for the Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology; Biology; and Psychology Tests on a 20–99 score scale, in one-point increments, although the range for any particular Subject Test subscore is usually smaller.

Additional Score Information

For more details regarding GRE scores and scoring, review the GRE Score-Related Test Policies for Test Takers, which includes information on:

  • Absence from a testing session
  • Preventing unauthorized release of your scores
  • ETS review of test questions
  • Cancellation of scores by ETS
  • Test fairness and score use


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