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Promising Practices on

Check out the recently expanded website for more information, tools and resources to help you navigate holistic admissions and strengthen your graduate program practices. Review and consider curated approaches currently in practice at programs across the United States or share your own approach!

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Introducing the HigherYield Solution: Recruiting and Engaging Ideal Students for Your Program Just Got Easier

We invite you to explore the HigherYield solution — an innovative fusion of services that harness the power of the GRE® Search Service and Liaison International's Enrollment Marketing Platform. With the HigherYield solution, you can now seamlessly find your ideal pool of applicants and develop dynamic multichannel communication plans that will make those prospects want to engage.

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National Data: The GRE® General Test Is a Valid Predictor of Law School Success

As a result of new research, the GRE® General Test is poised to help law schools expand access to legal education and ease the burden for students interested in multiple education opportunities, who would otherwise be required to prepare and pay for two tests.

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New Articles

New How-to Videos

Watch newly released step-by-step videos available to prospective graduate, business and law school students.

How to Reschedule a GRE® General Test Date

A step-by-step video that guides students through the process of rescheduling a GRE test.

View transcript.

How to Send Scores After Test Day

A step-by-step video that guides students on how to send GRE scores after test day.

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