ELTeach™ — Teach English with Confidence

ELTeach: teach english with confidence

An Innovative Professional Development Program for EFL Teachers

To address the demand for quality English-language teaching worldwide, ETS and National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, have collaborated to create ELTeach — an online, integrated professional development, assessment and certificate program supporting teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) through coursework and assessments.

This program was informed by an international panel of experts and consists of two strands:

Gives teachers the specific classroom language needed to teach confidently in English. Through coursework that includes listening, speaking, reading and writing, teachers learn and practice the English skills needed to prepare and teach their instructional materials, manage their classroom and provide students with feedback.

After completing the English-for-Teaching coursework, teachers will sit for the Test of English-for-Teaching (TEFT™) Assessment at a scheduled time in an approved test center. The TEFT Assessment provides a reliable and objective measure of teachers' ability to use English in classroom settings, as presented in the course.

Professional Knowledge for ELT:
Gives teachers the professional knowledge needed to be effective teachers of English, helping them make informed decisions about their work in and out of the classroom. Through self-paced online instruction, the coursework includes Foundations of Language Learning; Foundations of Language Teaching; Essentials of English; and Teaching Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

After completing the Professional Knowledge for ELT coursework, teachers will sit for the Test of Professional Knowledge for EFT (TPK™) Assessment at an approved test center. The TPK Assessment provides a reliable and objective measure of teachers' comprehension of the principles and practices of English-language teaching, as presented in the course.

ELTeach is a global solution that is:

  • A Confidence Builder
    ELTeach is designed to ensure that teachers of English have the language skills and professional knowledge necessary to implement their national English curriculum successfully and confidently.
  • Online, Scalable and Cost-Effective
    ELTeach provides a cost-effective and scalable way to train large numbers of English-language teachers and improve the quality of English-language teaching by delivering a standardized professional development program that is accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Comprehensive
    ELTeach programs integrate coursework with assessment, providing teachers with 50–60 hours of online self-study followed by the corresponding ETS-developed assessment at an approved test center. Teachers who complete the program will receive a score report detailing their results and a certificate of completion.

To learn more about ELTeach, please visit www.elteach.com.