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Education Topics

Beyond developing educational assessment products and services, ETS examines all aspects of education — from access and affordability and the role of assessments to public policy, public opinion and teacher quality. Key topics that we cover include:

Achievement Gap >

Learn how ETS studies the factors that affect academic performance, such as racial, ethnic and economic differences, and helps develop suggestions to close the gaps.

Elementary and Secondary Education Act >

Get information on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

Quality in Teaching >

See how ETS's research, products and services support effective teacher performance and professional development.

Student Learning Outcomes in Higher Education >

Learn about the changes in assessments and how to make the most of an assessment program to improve student learning and demonstrate program effectiveness.

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Education Topics

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How ETS Approaches Testing

Find answers to common questions about the benefits of standardized testing and ETS's dedication to quality and fairness.


NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.

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